Mon-sun, 7am-6pm

Brunch Served, 9am-3:30pm *Kitchen Now Closed On Wednesdays, Cafe Still Open


(914) 930-7914


900 Main St
Peekskill, NY 10566


Located on the first floor of Peekskill Central Market, Kurzhals Coffee is a family owned and operated cafe. We serve breakfast and brunch seven days a week, serve locally roasted coffee, and now bake all of our goods in-house.




The highlight of any coffee shop, the coffee. We serve locally roasted beans, luxury teas and wholesome dairy to ensure you have a quality experience. Of course coffee is served all day, everyday. 



    You are joining us in one of the oldest masonry buildings in our area dating back to 1836. Built by William H. Nelson, 900 Main Street had been important to this city in many ways through most of its 180 year existence. It was Peekskill’s first telegraph office. It was also a meeting place for the recruitment of Union soldiers during the civil war. But, the first retail enterprise to begin here was Durrin Brothers hardware and gunsmithing shop opening in 1849. Later in 1920, the Kurzhals Brothers succeeded it with a hardware store that is remembered for the unique way cashiers sent payments through the air on a weighted & pulleyed wire to the back office. Sometime after that, Capitol Glass occupied this building making many of Peekskill’s storefronts, some still stand today. But for the last two decades 900 Main Street has spent most of its time abandoned, empty and mostly unused. 

Our name is only a single memory of the great brick and mortar establishments of our cities past. We pay our respects to the hard working builders and architects that gave our city its character. Gabriel Arango Sr., my father and namesake, has restored this historic building for the next generation, so they can meet, connect and create a better tomorrow. One that admires the past, but envisions the future. Kurzhals Coffee was built with excellence and detail in mind. We aim to build a safe space for community and great coffee. We purchase only ethically sourced coffee, roasted in small batches from two local roasters. Big Bang Coffee in Peekskill and PATH Coffee Roasters in Portchester, NY. We source local milk and cream from Hudson Valley Fresh. Our bagels & pastries are made and delivered fresh from just across the Hudson River at Rockland Bakery. Please feel free to introduce yourself if you are interested in living or working in this great city, or just want to learn more. It would be a pleasure to meet you.


The reconstruction of 900 Main Street was a tremendous effort by many in the interest of protecting its legacy. Gabriel Arango Sr. with the cooperation and guidance of the Peekskill Planning Department have saved this project, cementing a very important bond between Peekskill and its architectural history. Please visit us and share your wonderful memories of this downtown gem.